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Digital Transformation (DT) is a catch all term for re-imagining business in the digital age. DT can refer to any process that uses digital technologies to solve for changing business and market conditions. LIAM Provides Leadership for IT decision makers with re-imagining their DT initiatives at their respective organizations.

LIAM assists the CXOs with scoping their transformation initiatives. Discussing business and market trends inspires us about how to thrive in today’s fast-paced disruptive world. Connect with LIAM to explore trends and how Open Source Strategies can drive success for your organization.

We work with organizations that are doing well, but have a certain level or aspect of frustration within their IT departments, technology initiatives, business IT goals or Modernization. We provide solutions above and beyond “traditional” IT service and consulting organizations by not only understanding what you need, but also understanding what you need to avoid moving forward in any project, big or small. Our approach is one that helps our customers define exactly the root cause of their IT issue(s), not only on a project based initiative, but also in the “big picture” of doing business with the right IT solution(s) in place.


Companies would focus on a couple of big projects and a handful of things to improve and ignored whether the entire organization was engaged and moving in the right direction. Today, in order to achieve the maximum business value, you must specifically consider four focus areas:


  1. First, the capabilities of the people involved,
  2. Second, the impact of process change to the organization,
  3. Third, the technology changes required, and
  4. Finally, most importantly, the culture’s maturity for sustainable changes.


Today’s complex environments will require specialized and experienced leadership to deliver sustainable transformation results that enable agility. The Transformation Leader must develop the overall project strategy. Working with the executive team, the leader will assemble a project team to drive essential communications, assessments, designs, and evaluations to ensure scalable initiatives.

  1. Strategy Development” with the executives determine resource and commitment levels are established. Traditionally, medium and small sized organizations financial resources drive the scope of the transformation. Along with assessing the culture’s ability to adopt change.
  2.  “Stack Selection” detailed plans in these areas need be developed and socialized appropriately.
  3.  “Implementation” The plans are executed through acceptance.



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